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sorting to the heart
of what matters

the process

through observation and conversation amphora will design solutions that focus on how you work, how you live and how you want to live. we move beyond utility into the realm of creative problem solving. we are a personalized resource for creating an efficient office, helping your small business get more done or maximizing the capacity of your storage options. when you know things aren’t getting done or your clutter is wrecking havoc on your life or work amphora can help. we will flush the disorganization out of your system with a thorough examination of your process and space utilization. we will honor your habits, optimize your space and reflect your style. our results will infuse efficiency into your disorder, creatively optimizing your time and space.

an initial consultation can be done very quickly. amphora will spend an hour or less with you to assess your needs then begin to map a plan to move forward. the plan is established with an understanding of your objectives and how much amphora will participate in the solution. when the consultation is over you will know what to expect, how we will follow up and when we will follow up. together we will decide what course of action will meet all your objectives.

if you have files that are out of control, closets bulging at the seams or office space that just isn’t maximizing productivity - call amphora. whether you are only interested in fine tuning a system but don’t have the time, or are in need of a serious organization overhaul, amphora will successfully help you get a grip on your "disorder". you will save time and money, feel more in control and alleviate the stress which is exacerbated by disorganization.



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