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amphora is about the graceful union of design and efficiency. ultimately our greatest reward comes from helping people create a space that is peaceful and allows them to create, exist and flourish in a space that is supportive and reflects their personality. always interested in space planning and design i studied interior architecture and fashion at the school of the art institute of chicago. my paycheck requirements led me to spend the majority of my work experience dedicated to the financial industry. always wanting my own business and realizing my creative passions were being starved, i had long been thinking about making a change. i realized there was a common thread in my work experience. i was really good and enjoyed keeping people and projects organized and on target. the hectic pace of the financial environment required keeping track of chaotic financial analysts and traders while managing reams of information with keen organization and focus. amphora combines my passion and love for design with my organizing skills and experience in an exciting and rewarding way.

amphora is all about creating a space that functions effectively and feels like you. amphora finds creative ways to meet the challenges you face. for instance, a graphic designer revealed that he wasn't tracking his billable hours as effectively as he could. what a great amphora opportunity! he needed to know how he was spending his time, essential information for managing time and resources. every business owner knows that maintaining a good handle on billing must never be a mystery. we suggested keeping track of working hours with colored marbles in a glass. assign each client glass a name or number and use different colored marbles to track the different types of work he was doing. a visual solution for an artist that got rid of the feeling of administrative drudgery. the system also provided a fun conversation piece in the office and all the bookkeeper had to do was sort, count the marbles and bill accordingly.

creating a well designed space with practicality and functionality is our guiding objective. at Incognito Design, a graphic design studio, amphora created an administrative work station and devised work zones to support productivity and enhance office functionality. using magnetized paint on a central wall created a great place for the design team to work their story boards.

we provide individual and organizational support for all aspects of your corporate needs. recently amphora conducted a half day seminar for the staff of the LaGrange Park Public Library. the day started with a 1 hour presentation on the basics of organization. we then conducted small group and individual consultations in many areas of the library. feedback from the executive director was great. "You offered some excellent advice and we have started applying what we learned, as well as implementing your suggestions." "Thank you for making our in-service day enjoyable and productive."

amphora has worked in a number of artist spaces such as music studios, an artist's painting studio, a carpenter's workshop and a writer's office. each client has posed a unique set of constraints and challenges that was met with clarity and a resourceful vision. we achieved the objectives of our clients by fully understanding their goals, the information they needed to manage and how they were interested in functioning in their space.

as we gain an understanding of your goals and barriers we will find ways to get you organized. as you recognize and face your obstacles you will be in a much better position to tackle them head on. we will identify opportunities to help you align elements of your system and rid you of the clutter that interferes with your objectives. amphora will provide you with the organization skills you need to maintain efficiency in your life and environment. you decide how that translates into fun, productivity and opportunity.

amphora in the news

amphora is quoted in the January 2006 issue of Today's Chicago Woman. It is a great article on getting organized. To read the full article, click here.

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